Enjoy Smoking without the Trouble with E – Cigarettes

Enjoy Smoking without the Trouble with E – Cigarettes

benefits-of-electronic-cigaretteElectronic cigarettes are designed to give a close resemblance to the traditional cigarettes. E- Cigarette has acquired the market in the recent years and its popularity is increasing with every passing day because of the following benefits which we will be discussing one by one –

Disappearance of Smoker’s Cough: After switching to E-cigarette, you notice that the persistent cough disappears, this is quiet surprising, but it indeed is a true fact. The reason behind this very fact is that E- cigarettes are toxin free.

Breathing becomes easy: When you switch to E-cigarette, since it has no hydrogen cyanide and toxins which are harmful for lungs, you notice that you can now breathe more comfortably.

No Risk to the person sitting next to you: E-cigarettes do not create a side stream from the tip, so there is minimal amount of risk for people who are sitting in the same room.

Enjoy E-cigarettes anywhere: E -cigarettes do not contain tobacco, does not produce second hand smoke, they are non inflammable, so you get the privilege to enjoy it anywhere or anytime you feel like.

Wide variety of flavors: The cartridge comes in many flavors which vary from tobacco to apple flavor and also in different strengths of nicotine like for example, from no nicotine to extremely high nicotine levels. So make the right choice and enjoy electronic cigarettes. If you want to read more about flavors, check out V2 cigs review and JACvapour review.

Environmental Friendly: Since there are no ashes or buds to dispose, it helps in keeping the environment green and healthy for each one of us.

No stained teeth: When you switch to E- cigarettes, you should not fear about your teeth’s getting stained.

E -Cigarettes helps in saving money: The good news is that the nicotine refills are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes and so you land up saving some money, which can thus be utilized for other more constructive things.

Facts you always wanted to know about E- cigarettes:

- Research proves around 79% of initial E-cigarette purchasers continued to buy and then use it afterwards for a long duration.

-57% of E-cigarette smokers are known to have used E-cigs for less than 6 months.

-Many important studies have proved, around 62% of E- cigarette smokers states that they stopped smoking cigarettes since the time they started using E -cigs, this fact is indeed interesting.

-It has also been seen that 46% E- cigarette users were in a habit of smoking smoke cigars.